Spanking Kids Is Harmful and It Doesn’t Work: Lessons from 50 Years of Research

Most of us were spanked as kids. It is a common belief that some spanking is needed for instilling discipline. But peer-reviewed research over last 50 years clearly establishes that 1) Spanking does not work to elicit good behavior 2) Spanking is strongly correlated to harmful outcomes. This is not to judge what our parents did or what we are doing to kids. We just present the research in the faith that people will recognize the best practices for themselves and change with time 🙂


Entering The Dreaded Friendzone

In this guest article under the leadership of our friend, ever vibrant thinker Shruti, we tried to explore the notion of friendzone using peer-reviewed research! We describe the zone itself, explain how someone enters the zone, dispel pop culture driven myths like "nice guys finish last" and finally try to drive a positive message home 🙂

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