How to Hack your Brain to Be Happy: The Upward Spiral

The closest you'll ever get to own a Philosopher's stone is to own the book "The Upward Spiral" by Dr. Alex Korb! It'll definitely make your life larger, and probably long too! The book discusses neuroscience to unravel neat tips and tricks and lifestyle changes you can make to live a happier life. What make it different from a typical "self-help" book? Solid Science!


Think Girls Can’t Do Maths? Think Again!

A lot of people think "Girl's can't do maths!" This attitude has wreaked havoc on our society by ripping us of precious human resource. It is heart breaking that a lot of young girls lose their confidence and dreams to such propelled myths. In this article we present results from peer-reviewed research which challenge this common notion. We hope to create a future where such stereotypes are a thing of past! Join us!

Entering The Dreaded Friendzone

In this guest article under the leadership of our friend, ever vibrant thinker Shruti, we tried to explore the notion of friendzone using peer-reviewed research! We describe the zone itself, explain how someone enters the zone, dispel pop culture driven myths like "nice guys finish last" and finally try to drive a positive message home 🙂

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